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Journal Papers
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Extended hidden Markov model for Optimized Segmentation of Breast Thermography Images June 2015
Design and Implementation Shared Memory Switch Fabric January 2014
Simulating Impact of Impatient Users on DataBase Server performance January 2012
Semi-Distributed Vacuuming Model on Temporal Database -SDVMT January 2012
Conference Papers
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A framework for manipulating vacuumed data in temporal relational database May 2013
Forecasting Foreign Exchange Rates Using an IT2 FCM based IT2 Neuro-Fuzzy System January 2013
Algorithms for secure addition and separation nodes in wireless sensor networks January 2013
Hard Periodic Real-time Task Scheduling on Heterogeneous Processor January 2013
Semi-Distributed Vacuuming Model on Temporal Database SDVMT January 2012
Population based broadcast in wireless Ad Hoc and sensor networks January 2012
Design and implementation of a shared memory switch fabric November 2012
Classifying ear disorders using support vector machines September 2010
Automatic segmentation of pallet images using the 2-D wavelet transform and YUV color space May 2010
Absolute Priority for a Vehicle in VANET January 2009
A New Approach for Detecting Intrusions Using Jordan/Elman Neural Networks January 2008
Music Pattern Mining: A Machine Learning Approach via Neural Networks and a Music Style Classification Technique January 2008
Automated Intelligent Education February 2001
Designing and Implementing the Intelligent Virtual Teacher May 2000
Presentation of a test method for Software Engineering Based on fault analysis May 2000
Using Case-Based Reasoning to Solve the Bin-Packing Problem May 1998


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